StopRotor paper wins Best Written Paper Award at AIAC17 Conference

RMIT’s collaboration with Australian company StopRotor has reached new heights, with a paper detailing aerodynamic testing of the StopRotor aircraft winning an award for Best Written Paper in Aircraft Design at the 17th Australian International Aerospace Congress (AIAC17).

The lead author on the paper was RMIT UAS Research Team lecturer Matthew Marino, who is also chief investigator on the StopRotor project at RMIT. Co-authors included undergraduate student Janek Ambani, StopRotor founder Rowan Watkins, and RMIT professor Roberto Sabatini.

The StopRotor is a hybrid vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) configuration UAS invented in Australia. It is unique in that it uses a large rotor blade (like a helicopter) to provide lift in VTOL mode, which also locks into place and provides lift when in fixed-wing mode.

Further details on the StopRotor concept can be found here.