Research Opportunities

The RMIT UAS Research Team attracts high achieving postgraduate students and research fellows from a broad range of disciplines. One of our priorities is to create a vibrant and support  team environment to foster world class research outcomes from all of our members. We are always looking for new students and research fellows to join us either for advertised projects or with their own topics.

Current PhD projects (some funded) are available for high quality students:

PhD Projects

Desirable Skills


Micro-Sensor Development for Turbulence detection by UAVs Physics, Electronics, Telecommunications.
Swarming Drone Flight in Turbulence Telecommunications, electronics, programming, aerodynamics, UAVs.
Bird Flight in Turbulence Ornithology,  electronics, programming, aerodynamics.
Acoustic characterisation and reduction of Micro Air Vehicles Acoustics, Aerodynamics, UAVs, programming, CAD modelling

Other Scholarship Opportunities: