RUASRT FireFlyEagle

Case Study Projects – UAS Design

Development of an Autonomous Soaring UAS (DSTO Aerospace Division and Defence Science Institute)

RUASRT FireFly – Next Generation Fire Fighting and Search and Rescue UAS (Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade)

Automated Emergency Recovery System for Small UAS (Flight Data Systems)

Bio-inspired Turbulence Rejection System for Small UAS

Development of a Maritime Security Multi-Rotor System (DSTO Maritime Division)

Bio-inspired UAS for Wild Bird Management at Airports and Sporting Venues

Development of a sub-100 g, first-responder vehicle

Advanced manufacturing techniques demonstrator UAS

Multi-payload, heavylift octocopter build project

(Northrop Grumman, Triton, photo by Bob Brown)Figure_1

Case Study Projects – UAS Risk, Regulation and Integration

Australian Airworthiness Assessment of the MQ-4C Triton UAS (Northrop Grumman)

Developing Safety Case Templates for Unmanned Aircraft System Operations Over Populous Areas (Civil Aviation Safety Authority)

UAS Airspace Integration Study (Thales Australia)

Airworthiness Standards for Medium-Sized Civil Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAV Australia)

Requirements for Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems (Aerosonde)

Project ResQu (Boeing Research & Technology – Australia, CSIRO and QUT)

Automated ATC to UAS Voice Communication (Thales Australia)